• Cara Silletto delivers. 

    You know how in a clutch moment in a softball or baseball game you check the line-up to see who you have coming up to bat?  You are hoping that you are heading into the beef of your lineup with those tried & true players who will do whatever it takes to get a hit. 

    I want Cara on my team every day! Whether it’s a gathering of HR professionals, executives, small business owners, or management teams – if Cara is your keynote, you can rest easy. She’s going to do whatever it takes to get a hit. More than that, she’ll likely hit a home run. If you’re ready for a win, get Cara in your lineup now!

    Julie Hess

    VP Human Resources, Master Spas
  • Cara’s profound understanding of workplace culture, combined with her actionable advice, makes her an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to enhance their organizational dynamics.

    Cara’s expertise in workplace culture is truly remarkable. She offers a wide range of services that span every facet of a company, from managers to executives, with the goal of reducing turnover and retaining employees.

    What struck me most about Cara’s presentation was the practicality and actionability of her tips and strategies. She not only imparts valuable insights but also generously shares her wealth of knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend Cara as both a speaker and a consultant.

    Dr. Sharon Grossman

    Grossman Consulting
  • Over the years, Cara has transformed the mindset of our members, many of whom were a bit “set” in their ways (not surprising for concrete people!). Our leaders now realize staff aren’t just leaving for “a buck more an hour,” and that they must make the necessary changes to become more attractive employers. Together, she and I are on a mission to make the concrete industry an employer of choice, not just a job!

    Alan Sparkman

    Executive Director, Tennessee Concrete Association
  • Cara provides the roadmap to retention!

    Eddy Inzana

    President/CEO, Guardian Elder Care
  • If anyone has “cracked the code” on generational change in the workplace, Cara has.

    Paula Metzger

    VP/Member Service, One Vision Federal Credit Union
  • Cara is a rockstar, not a single person checked their phone during her presentation!

    Cris Sexton

    Talent Acquisition Leader, Jaybird Senior Living
  • We look to collaborate with experts and there is no one better than Cara!

    Kyle Anderson

    Director of Casino Executive Communications, Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel
  • Cara is a must-have speaker! Her session directly pinpoints the employment issues our association leaders and their member businesses are wrestling with today.

    And she’s not like other generational speakers. She really gets to the heart (and bottom line) of the issue, and her dynamic style unites all the generations in the room as she shares her unique personal Millennial story.

    I learned so much about a topic I thought I already understood, and so did our members. In fact, several reached out to Cara immediately after the session to utilize her as a resource for their members moving forward. Every association would benefit from her timely and relevant message!

    Jenny Matthews

    Executive Director, Tennessee Society of Association Executives
  • Cara’s message addressed the reality of today’s complex staffing situation and offered the hope and practical advice I needed to turn things around. We all have turnover, but she gave the creative solutions we employers need to slow the revolving door and keep our staff longer!

    Kelly Murphy

    Executive Director of HR, Ivy Tech Community College Southern Indiana
  • Our audience loved Cara’s presentation and were able to take away thoughts that will inform their policies for years to come.

    Donna Thompson

    Event Manager, Tennessee Concrete Association
  • I simply cannot state enough how incredibly valuable the content, wisdom and insight Cara shared is – especially in today’s market. She gave practical strategies everyone present can take back and begin to implement right away. Her message was delivered in a way that time flies because you are so incredibly tuned in to every word she says! Our members have had nothing but great things to say about the presentation that she brought.

    Julie Hess

    VP of HR, Master Spas
  • In forty years of booking keynote speakers, I look for two things: fit and connection. Cara Silletto did her homework to make sure her message fit our group and boy did she connect with them through a content-rich and powerful talk that fit into our tight, thirty-minute, time slot. We will definitely use her again, and you should book her now!


    National Precast Concrete Association
  • Cara was easy to work with and reliable.

    Current Member

    HR Association of Treasure Valley
  • “Cara is not just a one-time sensation. She brings proven retention strategies that can solve excessive turnover issues in any organization. The value she delivers goes beyond the time she spends on stage, leaving a lasting impact that will influence our company and workforce for years to come.”

    Jeff Gordons

    CEO at Clear Thinking
  • “If you’re struggling with workforce retention or leadership development, Cara Silletto is your go-to expert. Her practical strategies and inspiring keynotes have helped our organizations tackle these challenges head-on.”

    Elizabeth Smith

    Director of Media at Legal Company
  • “Cara’s virtual keynote was outstanding! With hundreds of people watching from afar, she made it interactive, engaging our participants in various ways. She provided excellent content and tangible takeaways, as always!”

    Jennifer George

    Director, Indiana Chamber of Commerce
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